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setup needed for PowerPC assembler programming

I want to learn PowerPC assembler programming and figure I will buy a
used G4 mac on ebay, then install debian linux on it.  Will that give
me all that I need?

I ordered debian 3.02 from this site:

They say I will receive 6 CDs.   So I should receive GNU C and C++,
right?  Anyone have an idea if PowerPC programming will be doable with
that compiler or anything else that is likely to be on CDs I will

On the hardware front I am looking at a G4 desktop system on ebay. 
Prices seem to be a bit high - $300 for a used G4.  I would get a G3
model but the hard drive seems small ( 10 GB ) and the prices of $200
for a 5 year old systems is very high.

Is it possible to get lower priced hardware for what I am looking to do?



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