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Re: setup needed for PowerPC assembler programming

On Sat, 2004-09-11 at 14:33 -0400, Steve Richter wrote:
> I want to learn PowerPC assembler programming and figure I will buy a
> used G4 mac on ebay, then install debian linux on it.  Will that give
> me all that I need?


> I ordered debian 3.02 from this site:
> http://agileos.com/
> They say I will receive 6 CDs.   So I should receive GNU C and C++,
> right?  Anyone have an idea if PowerPC programming will be doable with
> that compiler or anything else that is likely to be on CDs I will
> receive?

Out of curiosity, why not just download the small netinst and install
only what you need? Soundsl ike perhaps you have limited bandwidth, but
even if those cds lack what you need you can still download more through

> On the hardware front I am looking at a G4 desktop system on ebay. 
> Prices seem to be a bit high - $300 for a used G4.  I would get a G3
> model but the hard drive seems small ( 10 GB ) and the prices of $200
> for a 5 year old systems is very high.

Apple hardware seems to drop in value rather slowly. Lots of rabid fans
I suppose.

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