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Re: setup needed for PowerPC assembler programming

On Sat, Sep 11, 2004 at 02:33:41PM -0400, Steve Richter wrote:
> I want to learn PowerPC assembler programming and figure I will buy a
> used G4 mac on ebay, then install debian linux on it.  Will that give
> me all that I need?

In deed, it is a perfect system.

> I ordered debian 3.02 from this site:
> http://agileos.com/
> They say I will receive 6 CDs.   So I should receive GNU C and C++,
> right?  Anyone have an idea if PowerPC programming will be doable with
> that compiler or anything else that is likely to be on CDs I will
> receive?

To start coding in PPC assembly language, you need the GNU Assembler

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of documentation about it,
but you can hopefully find what you need by looking at its source

Moreover, you can do some C coding and look at the result with "gcc

That is the way I learnt and I am still learning PPC assembly
language. Seems tough, huh? ;)

By the way, does anyone know about an "orgy" of documentation
about gas?

> On the hardware front I am looking at a G4 desktop system on ebay. 
> Prices seem to be a bit high - $300 for a used G4.  I would get a G3
> model but the hard drive seems small ( 10 GB ) and the prices of $200
> for a 5 year old systems is very high.
> Is it possible to get lower priced hardware for what I am looking to do?

You can try looking for IBM RS/6k systems. It is possible you find some
old machines waiting for you somewhere. :)

To my mind, old Apple systems are outpriced, even new ones. ;P

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