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Re: Initrd problems with chrp-pegasos


Lorenzo writes:

> I'm trying to make my kernel build with some realtime modules to use
> with low latency audio server Jack.
> I don't know how to make a good vmlinuz image with initrd image inside; I'm 
> trying to use mkvmlinuz without results (the image is not created) and using 
> make-kpkg without results. the error is at boot : kernel-panic VFS cant boot 
> root ... (or something like it)

You probably don't need an initrd at all, just build all the drivers
you need for your root filesystem into the kernel.  If you still want
to use an initrd, put the attached file into debian/post-install and
run make-kpkg with --subarch=pmac, this should package the vmlinux
file and the glue for turning it into vmlinuz into your custom kernel

Regards, Jens.

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