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Re: Initrd problems with chrp-pegasos

On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 10:48:29PM +0200, Lorenzo wrote:
> I'm trying to make my kernel build with some realtime modules to use with low 
> latency audio server Jack.

What kernels are you trying to build ? And what is your pegasos model ?

> I don't know how to make a good vmlinuz image with initrd image inside; I'm 
> trying to use mkvmlinuz without results (the image is not created) and using 
> make-kpkg without results. the error is at boot : kernel-panic VFS cant boot 
> root ... (or something like it)

mkvmlinuz is for official kernels, since it needs some magic stuff installed.

make-kpkg should be ok though.


Sven Luther

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