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Re: Howto boot iMac from floppy?


s. keeling writes:

> How to create iMac yaboot boot flopp(y|ies)?

This is not supported at all.

> For whatever reason, the machine I'm banging my head on won't boot
> from the sarge netinst CD.  This is the second CD I've tried that's
> failed.  This one, I burned myself at speed=2.  I suspect
> something's wrong with this old iMac's CD drive.  Either that, or I
> missed something important in my reading up on this.  No amount of
> booting holding down the "C" key produces any sort of recognition of
> the CD from this thing.

Boot into Open Firmware by holding Command+Option+O+F when the startup
chime sounds.  At the prompt, you can examine the contents of the CD
and explicitly tell the machine to start yaboot.

> On the Mac, am I supposed to copy any of that into the Mac's HD?

You can also copy yaboot, yaboot.conf, vmlinux and initrd.gz to the
hard disk and start yaboot from there.

Regards, Jens.

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