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Re: no sound + backlit keyboard not lighting up (PowerBook G4/Sarge)


On Thu, 2004-08-19 at 22:59, Alain Perry wrote:
> > Finally, for some reason pbbuttonsd is not supporting my backlit
> > keyboard -- all the tabs are greyed out in powerprefs.  I know it works
> > 'cos I've seen it in OS X -- am I missing another device node?  I have
> > /dev/adb.  I don't have APM emulation but I'd be surprised if I needed
> > that to get the keyboard to light up.
> I think you need i2c-keywest module for this to work. I believe the
> backlit keyboard is supported on all powerbooks at the moment...

Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried to recompile my own kernel (Debian
kernel-source-2.6.8) and it appeared to be using the config from my
existing kernel-image package.  KeyWest was compiled in (not as a
module), so I don't think it is too likely to work when it is a module. 
Unfortunately, I have not been able to try this out because make-kpkg
fails at building the debian/buildinfo file :-(.

bye just now,

Matthew T. Atkinson <matthew@agrip.org.uk>

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