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Re: Old world mac

On Monday 16 August 2004 05:13 am, Sven Luther wrote:
> > > Try the netboot/2.4 ones please.
> >
> > These work. Went through the installer and got the error message quik
> > needs root to be ext2, would I like to go back.
> Cool. What version of d-i did you use ? i thought the quik installer was
> fixed recently, but if it was not, please fill a bug report.


> > I'll see if I can find a mini-8(?) serial cable.
> That would be cool indeed. Also, i will be building 2.6.8 based miboot
> kernels nextly, it would be great if you could test those (quickly if
> possible).

Ended up just installing MacOS, putting BootX back on that partition, putting 
the net installer and initrd.gz on the MacOS side of things and tweaked BootX 
to get me going.

I'd be happy to test the miboot kernels, just let me know where they are 

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