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How to tell yaboot to make Linux boot in plain VGA mode


I have just installed Sarge on my PowerBook.  Overall it went very well,
though I was messing around for ages trying to work out why OS X's
partitioning tool always seems to leave 130MB of free space between the
partition map and the OSX partition.

Anyway, Sarge is now on there but I have a question.  As I am visually
impaired, I am finding it quite annoying to have to use my electron
microscope to read the default-sized yaboot and Linux console text :-). 
Please could someone let me know how to pass the VGA parameter properly
in yaboot?  Many thanks; I should be able to start the package
installation and general system tweaking process just as soon as I can
read it :-).

(I'm using totally default base-install packages, including the
2.6.7-powerpc kernel image package.)

bye just now,

Matthew T. Atkinson <matthew@agrip.org.uk>

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