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Re: pmac 7500 kernel + of

On Wednesday, August 11, 2004, at 06:30 AM, jan gregor wrote:

I am trying to compile own kernel on my powermac 7500 200Mhz (604). Has
anyone working 2.4 kernel config for such computer?

I been happily running 2.4.17 on a similar OldWorld 8500/132 (604) for quite a while now. It has a few extras (like Sonnet's Tempo SCSI/IDE), and I'm not sure about the sound support because I don't use it. I'f you're interested in the .config I'll forward it.

BTW, I gave up trying to get quik to work. But then again, I didn't try all that hard. Since I only need to boot after power grid failures, I don't mind the clunkiness of BootX.

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