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replacing ydl with debian

I have recently installed yellow dog on my old powerbook g4, but I want to switch over to debian, which is what I run on most of my pc's. I have read the install instructions for debian on ppc and it all looks pretty straightforward apart from just one or two things. First up is yaboot; ydl has installed this with hda9 as the boot partition (this being about a 1Mb ufs partition) but the debian install how-to states pretty clearly that this is a Bad idea. So, I am wondering if I can just use the partitions which are in use now by updating to the latest version of yaboot (as the one on the install disk looks to be a little old)? 
I can't think of the other thing I wanted to ask. but here's a copy of what parted shows me when running 'parted /dev/hda print'

Disk geometry for /dev/hda: 0.000-19077.187 megabytes
Disk label type: mac
Minor	Start	End	Filesystem	Name		Flags
1	0.000	0.031			Apple	
2	0.031	0.058			Macintosh	
3	0.059	0.085			Macintosh	
4	0.086	0.113			Macintosh	
5	0.113	0.140			Macintosh	
6	0.141	0.390			Macintosh	
7	0.391	0.640			Macintosh	
8	0.641	0.890			Patch Partition
9	0.891	1.890	hfs		untitled	boot
11	1.891	8003.859ext3		untitled	
12	8003.859 9539.484linux-swap	swap		swap
10	9539.484 19077.183hfs		Untitled 2

I have a working yaboot.conf file for this layout so should I be able to use this layout and not have to reformat my hard drive again (and re-install osX, again)?


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