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pmac 7500 kernel + of

Hello list

I am trying to compile own kernel on my powermac 7500 200Mhz (604). Has
anyone working 2.4 kernel config for such computer? I am trying to build
vanilla 2.4.27 but it hangs immediatelly after quik ends, it does not
even start. Are there any known issues with non-modular vanilla kernels 
on oldworld pmacs? Same question goes with grsecurity patch.

And i have one other problem. In the boot process open firmware often
stops displaying something like of prompt, but I am unable to type
anything, when holding alt+cmd+o+f at boottime i get to normal of prompt
and it is possible to boot with BOOT command to of (quik appears and
everything is fine). I am not very familiar with open firmware, can
anyone point me to the right direction, please?

Thanks a lot.

Jan Gregor

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