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Re: PPC subarches

On Sun, 2004-08-08 at 11:02 +0100, Matthew T. Atkinson wrote:
> 'ello,


> Thanks to all who've replied -- OF sounds really very cool!  I just read
> something in an article hosted by IBM recently and found it a little
> odd:
> >From http://tinyurl.com/2aj49
> ``Apple's Open Firmware (an enhanced version of the BIOS Linux users
> know from x86 PCs) relies on a small "Apple Bootstrap" partition (hda2)
> to load the subsequent operating system from one of the regular
> partitions. The partition map also occupies hda1, so the first partition
> in which you will install any operating system is numbered at least
> hda3.''

hda1 is where is stored the partition map, if you delete/lose it, your
harddisk will become an empty disk to any operating system.

> Is this really true?  Also, does it mean that if I accidentally delete
> the contents of hda1 and hda2, I will no longer be able to boot my
> machine and will have to send it back to Apple to be repaired?  I'd say
> ``hopefully OS X can replace this data when it is installed.'' but then
> if OF needs that data to boot the OS X install CD, then I don't suppose
> it /could/...

The hda2 partition is only needed with nonApple Operating systems. You
can boot the macosx installation CD without it (I'm always talking about
newworld machines). The bootstrap partition (hda2) is where linux kernel
(and I suppose the BSD one) is installed so OF can boot it, for MacOSX,
OF can boot directly from the HFS+ partition.

> bye just now,


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> Matthew T. Atkinson <matthew@agrip.org.uk>

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