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Re: PPC subarches

On Thu, 5 Aug 2004, Matthew T. Atkinson wrote:

> I'm aware that the PowerBook G4 has ``Open Firmware'' -- is this part of
> the BIOS or some kind of in-ROM bootloader?  I have searched on the
> Apple web site and can't find any definitive answer, nor a list of the
> numerous keyboard shortcuts there are for it.  To me, it seems a bit
> like GRUB, but I am not sure exactly what it is.  The only thing I've
> learnt so far, from the Apple site, is that it is separate from the
 OF is primarily the equivalent of the bios, and like any bios it knows
how to boot (but not how to _select_ an OS to boot).  So far, I haven't
found any comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts.

> Regarding partitioning and bootloaders like GRUB:  If I re-install OSX,
> creating a suitable Linux partition and then install Sarge, will its
> installation routine be able to set up GRUB to allow me to boot OSX or
> Linux?

 Last I heard, grub (v2) wasn't ready for ppc.  I expect it's come on
since then, but at the moment you'll be using yaboot.  I don't run OSX
so I don't know the exact specifics of disk-partitioning for it, but
it's documented on the yaboot site (look for it at www.penguinppc.org, I

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