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Re: need help with debian in my iMac DV+

On Wed, 2004-08-04 at 20:50 -0300, Daniel Ruoso wrote:
> Em Qua, 2004-08-04 às 20:43, Michel Dänzer escreveu:
> > This means the server doesn't crash or lock up at all (as it sounded
> > from the post that started this thread)
> Yes and No. If I start just X it doesn't lock up... but if I try to run
> anything over it, then it locks (i.e: start gdm)...
> Actually, it keeps using all the CPU, i can ssh to the machine and kill
> X, I don't have to reboot the machine.

I see, thanks for the clarification. So it does seem to be some kind of
lockup. I wonder if it could be caused by the 2.6.7 DRM, have you tried
an older kernel?

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