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Re: Upgrading the HD of an iBook?

On Wed, 4 Aug 2004 03:13:12 -0300
Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br> wrote:

RB> Dear all,
RB> I am thinking about upgrading the HD of my iBook. It is a late 2001
RB> iBook, 600MHz, 12" LCD, with a 20GB HD.
RB> Before actually spending the cash on it, I would like to know
RB> others' experiences on this. BTW, what is the biggest HD that an
RB> iBook like this can have installed?
RB> And if I have a given HD available in both 4200 RPM and 5400 RPM
RB> models, which one should I choose, if I am concerned about battery
RB> life (one of my main concerns regarding my notebook).
RB> Any comments or advices are extremely appreciated.
RB> Thanks in advance, Rogério.

I have done this a month or two back. My machine had an HDD failure so I
had nothing to lose. It is a fiddly job (make sure you have plenty of
space to lay out the removed bits -- and label them) and took 2-3 hours.
I found this page very useful.

There were a few minor differences in the hardware [My machine has allen
bolts not TORX bolts on the back and there's a pair of bolts where the
long and the short are reversed].

Any 2.5inch ide drive with a 9.5mm (or less) thickness should work--I've
put in a 60GB Fujitsu--check the dimensions before you buy, some are
10mm profile which is too thick. [The information on the web page above
is out of date here].

You will need to fully erase the disk not just repartition it as Macs
can't  boot off a DOS partition table.


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