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Sarge Framebuffer problem witn performa 5400/160


Well I think it's a framebuffer problem... I am using the sarge nightly
build install cdrom (~250Meg). I use bootx to start the kernel with
the ramdisk and I get as far as seeing the output listed below.

After that there is some activity at the top of the screen. A flashing
cursor and what looks like text flashing past. This makes me believe
that the kernel is booting but the framebuffer is somehow now
showing it.

Is there a kernel boot parameter I can use to somehow rectify this

Thanks in advance


Output Listing Follows:-

Welcome to Linux, kernel 2.6.7-powerpc

linked at       :  0xc0000000
frame buffer at :  0xf1001000  (phys), 0xd0001000  (log)
klimit          :  0xc063f000
MSR             :  0x00000072
HID0            :  0x0010c001

pmac_init(): exit
id mach(): done
MMU:hw init
setup_arch: ehter
setup_arch: bootmem
arch: exit

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