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Re: Upgrading the HD of an iBook?

Rogério Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br> wrote:


> Before actually spending the cash on it, I would like to know others'
> experiences on this. BTW, what is the biggest HD that an iBook like this
> can have installed?

I did it on my PB G4 which is now 3 years old, so I guess you can do
it too :-)

> And if I have a given HD available in both 4200 RPM and 5400 RPM models,
> which one should I choose, if I am concerned about battery life (one of my
> main concerns regarding my notebook).

The 5400 rpm model will of course be a little bit faster. I replaced
my 30 GB/5400 rpm HD by a 60 GB/7200 rpm HD, and everything is much
faster now :) (who said "bottleneck" ? :)

You should grab the datasheets of the 3 drives, and compare the
figures. In my case, the new HD consumes a bit less power than the
original one (good surprise, indeed).

> Any comments or advices are extremely appreciated.

Here it is. :) Be careful when swapping the drives, it's not that easy
to do. Study carefully your laptop before unmounting the current
drive. I don't know how the drive is attached in the iBook, but I
guess it's similar to the PB.


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