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Re: AmigaONE && Debian (unstable?)


Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

Hmm, last time I used a floppy on my LongTrail, it did work (to my surprise,
since a few years earlier it was broken ;-)

Yes, CHRP had PC-style floppy controllers. And decent South Bridges used on PPC
(e.g. W53C883) usually support 32-bit ISA DMA.

The South Bridge on the "AmigaOne" is a VIA686B. It's a common PC component, and it implements an i8259 ISA DMA controller, which can't do DMA above 16MB.

I think it _might_ have an option for 32 Bit ISA DMA, but due to the docs being so poor, and no other information being available, it's probably easier to do what I believe x86 Linux does on similar hardware - use ISA DMA below 16MB only.



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