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monitor geometry

I have an 500 blue and white slot loading iMac and I just successfully installed xwindows with the programmer's package of woddy. But all is not well, for even on the telly terminals my screen is shifted to the left ( I can't see three - two letters ). As we all know macintosh decided to keep adjustment knobs off the monitor so now I must use software to move my screen to the right, and clockwise a half character. Xvidtune doesn't work ( just gives errors ), and I don't know how four numbers, in the xf86config file's mode's section, represent horizontal and verticle refresh when I always thought it was one number for each. And why doesn't the install make a modes section? Any help would be appreciated. I do have several specs though, for my hardware, impressive verticle refresh rates 75 - 113! Perhaps somebody else has had the same problem and could lend a sample config file?
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