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Re: AmigaONE && Debian (unstable?)


Christoph Hellwig wrote:

On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 07:07:14PM +1000, Ross Vumbaca wrote:

if you want a working floppy drive. The "PPC" version of floppy.h seemed to be rather Apple specific, and dumped all the necessary stuff to use PC floppy controllers without DMA (there is a problem using the ISA DMA with the floppy on A1).

Macs don't use the normal Linux floppy driver at all, but rather the
swim3 driver.

Yep, so the contents of include/asm-ppc/floppy.h in 2.4.x were:


__inline__ void virtual_dma_init(void)
	/* Nothing to do on PowerPC */

static int FDC1 = 0x3f0;
static int FDC2 = -1;

 * Again, the CMOS information not available
#define FLOPPY0_TYPE 6
#define FLOPPY1_TYPE 0

#define N_FDC 2			/* Don't change this! */
#define N_DRIVE 8

#define FLOPPY_MOTOR_MASK 0xf0

 * The PowerPC has no problems with floppy DMA crossing 64k borders.
#define CROSS_64KB(a,s)	(0)

#endif /* __ASM_PPC_FLOPPY_H */


#endif /* __KERNEL__ */


.. extremely sparse. Now on the AmigaOne, floppy DMA happens to not be working properly for some other reason, so the floppy driver for the PC floppy controller of the AmigaOne appears to try to use virtual DMA and it crashes and burns. I had to copy all the missing stuff from asm-i386/floppy.h to this file to allow it to work, and that stuff should be present anyway IMO, since statements like "The PowerPC has no problems with floppy DMA crossing 64k borders" and "Nothing to do on PowerPC" are wrong. PowerPC != Apple Mac.



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