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Re: quik 2.0 killed my beige G3

Hi Jens!

Am 13.07.2004 um 00:29 schrieb Christoph Ewering:

Hi Jens!

Am 12.07.2004 um 15:22 schrieb Jens Schmalzing:


Christoph Ewering writes:

The partition is not mounted when I boot from a MacOS CD.  But when
I put the disk into an firewire-case I can mount this partition
under MacOS X.

This usually means that the driver partitions on the disk are damaged.
Mac OS needs them, Mac OS X has its own way of accessing the disk and
doesn't care.  Does the disk show up in Drive Setup from the Mac OS
CD?  Then you could find the exact location of your data partitions
using pdisk from Mac OS X, create new driver partitions with Drive
Setup from Mac OS, and restore the data partitions with pdisk.

Do you really think it is just a damaged driver-partition? As I wrote in my first email, I have written new drivers to the drive with Drive Setup but it does not help.

I know pdisk but I do not know if I understand you right. You want me to make a copy of the partion-table -- than write a new partition-table with Drive Setup to the disk and than recreate the old partion-table with pdisk? Hm, AFAIK Drive Setup just installs new drivers and a new partition-table no other data is damaged, right? Any less dangerous option?

How about this:
1. I boot my beige G3 from a ZIP with BootX and a kernel. If I remember right quik saves a backup off the block it manipulates somewhere in a file. So I have to get my G3 into linux -- find this file -- and write it back to the disk. After this the disk should be as it was before I said "yes" to quik.

This morning I tried the above with "quik -i /boot/old.b" and got half the way: The MacOS-Partition containing BootX and the kernel is mounted when I boot from MacOS 9, I can select this partition as boot-partition -- BUT my beige G3 will not boot from this partition! I can only tell that the "old.b" was very old and was not a backup made by quik 2.0. This old.b was about one year old.

I have installed new drivers with Drive Setup but this does not help.
The Systemfolder is detected and I can select this partition as startup disk.
Checked with Disk FirstAid -- no problem found
Checked with NortonDiskDoctor -- no problem found
Checked with NortonDiskEditor (I do not understand anything but who cares :-)) -- no problem found

But I can not boot from the partition.

Do you have any further hints?

Bye, thanks

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