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Re: pmud & pbbuttonsd confilct in sarge-testing ?

If you just want event handling, Then use hotkeys and pmud. That's what
I do and I like this solution.

I use an ibook2.2 800 and I hacked a little hotkeys, to handle backlight
events and some other minor stuffs. You can get it on 

According to Michael Schmitz, on Tue, 6 Jul 2004 10:40:58 +0200 (CEST), 
>> > If you install pbbuttonsd you obviously want to use it, including
>power> > management and all. If you only want to have the events daemon
>> > functionality, and keep powermanagement separate, write your own
>> > 'buttonsd.
>> I did it already. It's called pbbuttonsd ;-)
>You obviously chose to misunderstand me :-) What I mean is pbbuttonsd
>with the powermanagement related guts ripped out, essentially. Your
>package merges powermanagement and other, unrelated event handling.
>Next, we'll have emacs all wrapped into pbbuttonsd ...
>> > pbbuttonsd and pmud both do powermanagement, and you should not
>have them> > both installed on your system. That's what 'conflicts' is
>meant to handle> > here. I'm not offended if people chose pbbuttonsd
>over pmud, on the> > contrary. Pick the tool that best suits your
>needs. I know that I've been> > dragging my feet on the big unification
>of power scripts, but it's been> > due to time constraints, not on
>principle :-)>
>> I fully agree with you. In fact that's what I wanted to say. Use
>pbbuttonsd> and get rid of pmud. Thanks for making this clear.
>Not at all :-) Choice is good - either use pbbuttonsd (if you need the
>event handling stuff), or use pmud (if you only want power management).
>BTW, the 'event handling with no power management' would be nice for
>desktop machines that can't use power management - does compatibility
>mode fully disable powermanagement in pbbuttonsd, or do you check for
>pmud running and take over power management anyway if no pmud is found?
>	Michael


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