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Re: Power management

Am Montag, 5. Juli 2004 12:01 schrieb Adrian Lester:
> My problem now is merely that I can not get the thing to standby or suspend
> in the way I would expect on an x86 laptop, I have installed apm but cannot
> seem to call it in a way which succeeds. Searching the internet is has not
> proved particularly informative.

APM does not work on Powerbook or iBooks because Apple doesn't support APM.
APM is a x86-only thing.

To make powermanagement working on an Apple Laptop you need pbbuttonsd (and 
maybe the related packages gtkpbbuttons and powerprefs).

You might want to switch on Kernel's APM emulation to make some APM monitors 
for ex. Batterymonitors) working. But you can't suspend your machine through 
this interface.

 Best Regards

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