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Re: PBButtonsd gatwick IRQ

Am Freitag, 28. Mai 2004 20:34 schrieb Zach Weinberg:

> ANd as a sidenote, after running cev before uninstalling pbbutonsd, the
> list consists of multipile entries of, literally, "nil"

cev is an easy event device scanner with no highly developes interface. I just 
wanted to know what event devices are existing on my system and how they 
identify themselves.

Linux support 32 event devices (kernel 2.4), but normally you only use three 
or four of them. All unused or not existing devices will be printed as 'nil'. 
Unless there are one or more entries in the list everything is ok.

cev will work either with pbbuttonsd installed or not. Both programs will open 
the event devices only for reading so none of them will block the other.

If you are in doubt about the output please send it to me and I will try to 
explain it.

 Best Regards

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