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Re: PBButtonsd gatwick IRQ

I assume you use the internal keyboard and not an external one?

Do you have the event devices installed? Please use the attached
program cev (compile with gcc -Wall -o cev cev.c). It will scan the
event devices and displays what it has found. Please check if there
is any keyboard in the list.

If anything is all right till this point please replace the attached include file 'debug.h' with that one in your pbbuttonsd source tree and compile with --enable-debug. Start pbbuttonsd in a console (not as daemon) and watch the additional debug output. It shows the keycodes pbbuttonsd receives. Type a few keys and see if the keycode value changes.

Tell me your results

 Best Regards

Problem with the debug.h is that I'm running the debian packaged version
of pbbuttonsd. I guess I'll "apt-get remove --purge pbbuttonsd" and then
install the source version and see if that fixes the problem. And if not
I'll work with the info you've given me.

Zach Weinberg

ANd as a sidenote, after running cev before uninstalling pbbutonsd, the list consists of multipile entries of, literally, "nil"

Zach Weinberg

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