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Re: iBook 800Mhz G3 fan on a lot

Many thanks for testing. 
Ben : how much happy testers are enough to have the module 
included the kernel ? 

>Hi Cedric,
>bored and courious as I'm sometimes in the office I downloaded and
>installed 'adm103x-module-2.6.6-powerpc' on my Ibook G3 900Mhz Combo,
>since i installed 2.6.6-powerpc customkernel just some days ago.
>cheers float
>wmadm shows temperatures around 54DegreeCelsius for 0 

This around your harddisk

> and around 47DegreeCelsius for 1,

This is mainly your CPU temperature. G3 900 seems to be a bit hotter
than 800. No surprise...

>syslog shows after modprobing the module:
>bash-2.05b# cat /var/log/syslog | grep adm103
>May 28 10:05:05 localhost kernel: therm_adm103x: no version for
>"struct_module" found: kernel tainted.

What is the MODULE_* macro to avoid this warning ?

>kernel: adm103x: Thermostat bus: 1, address:
>kernel: adm103x: adm1030 initializing
>kernel: adm103x: adm1030 initializing 0:56+5°C 
>kernel: adm103x: adm1030 initializing 1:68+10°C

The value shown here are read from the chip. This seems to be the chip
default values on all ibooks. 

This globally mean that the fan will not start to cool the cpu until it
reaches 68 degrees. And will not run full speed before 78 degrees. Does
anyone know if the G3 can bear such temperatures ?

I personnally make it start at 52 degrees...


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