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Re: iBook 800Mhz G3 fan on a lot

Hi Cedric. Thanks very much for your mail.

On 25/05/04, Cedric Pradalier (cedric.pradalier@inrialpes.fr) wrote:
> According to Rory Campbell-Lange, on Tue, 25 May 2004 13:50:06 +0100, 
> >My new G3 800Mhz has the fan on a lot (and seems pretty hot under my
> >left hand). Is this normal? When I'm working late the noise is quite
> >distracting in a quiet room
> First, I would suggest using cpufreqd, for scaling down to 400MHz when
> you don't need full power. I can send you a working config if needed.
> cpudynd does not seem necessary.

I've installed it, but it appears to require power management daemons
that conflict with pmud, such as apmd. Is pmud not the recommended power
management utility for Mac laptops?
> Second, the fan control chip may be initialized with too low thresholds
> (on my G3, they are too high). 
> I have a kernel patch to access it and I need testers to make it
> included in the kernel :o). So if you mind... have a look at 
> http://cedric.pradalier.free.fr/ibook2/index.html
> and report !

Through lack of time I've avoided compiling myself and am lazily using
the stock unstable kernel (2.6.6-powerpc #1 Thu May 13). I'll get around
to compiling for myself in a bit, and let you know how I get on.


Rory Campbell-Lange 

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