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Re: iBook 800Mhz G3 fan on a lot

According to Michael Schmitz, on Thu, 27 May 2004 10:41:43 +0200 (CEST),

>> > First, I would suggest using cpufreqd, for scaling down to 400MHz
>when> > you don't need full power. I can send you a working config if
>needed.> > cpudynd does not seem necessary.
>> I've installed it, but it appears to require power management daemons
>> that conflict with pmud, such as apmd. Is pmud not the recommended
>power> management utility for Mac laptops?
>Sure is, please file a bug report to make it depend on either pmud,
>pbbuttonsd or apmd (we seem to need a virtual package powermgmt-daemon
>If there's additional work to be done on pmud, I'm willing to work with
>the cpufreqd maintainer to sort this out.
>	Michael

No cpufreqd does not depend on neither pmud, apmd or pbbuttond,
it only uses kernel interfaces : either /proc/apm, /proc/pmu,
/proc/acpi or sysfs equivalent.

I already repied this to Rory offlist : 

 pradalie@ceruse:~$ apt-cache depends cpufreqd
   Depends: debconf
   Depends: libc6

 Moreover I looked at the code while tracking a missing fclose, and the
 only stuff needed by cpufreqd is /dev/pmu, but not at all pmud.
 cpufreqd speaks directly to the kernel.

 Maybe you just did not set the good driver in /etc/cpufreqd.conf 
 pradalie@ceruse:~$ grep pmu /etc/cpufreqd.conf
 pm_type=pmu #(acpi, apm or pmu)




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