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Re: Problems with /dev/dsp

On Fri, 14 May 2004, Johannes Mockenhaupt (aka Joe Malik) wrote:

> Just iBooks, Powerbooks have a line-in and the regular notebooks I've
> seen had one as well.

Problem was eventually solved using my semi-dead Sony VAIO under
WinXP.  Ick, but it works.  Now I have only the problem of kwave
deciding to turn up its nose at all wav files I present it with ...
(Is this normal?)

> > My server machine has deeply non-functional sound
> > (tried to upgrade to ALSA; failed) so I was hoping to avoid that ...
> If you have a knoppix cd at hand give it a try, I use to
> use that as a last resort when I can't figure how to set up a
> device.

Too late!  The beastly thing decided to have a hard disk failure
this morning.

Next concert will *not* be recorded on mindisc; and in particular
will not be recorded in the middle of the congregation with people
swearing hideously close to the recording source.

Ah well; a learning experience!


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