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backlight control on old iBook tangerin under X


Dimming the backlight of my display (old iBook tangerine) does not
work under X since I switched to a new 2.6 kernel (I'm right now
running 2.6.3-rc3-ben0). Using the brightness buttons I can dim the
backlight but changes only have an effect on the framebuffer console,
not in X. Under X, it adds some garbage pixels to the cursor, but that
is all that's happening. It used to work in X and also on the
framebuffer console back in 2.4 times. Does anybody know a fix for
this or pointers to fixes or do I need to supply more information and
if yes, what information is needed? I'm afraid this is an FAQ, but I
was unable to find an answer...

Read U!


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(C) 2001 by packet
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