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Re: Problems with /dev/dsp

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 05:45:50AM +0100, Diana Galletly wrote:

Hi there,

> I foolishly volunteered to produce a CD from a minidisc of my choir
> singing in Peterborough Cathedral.  After much googling I discovered
> that programs such as wavrec, sound-recorder or audacity ought to be
> able to take the output from the minidisc connected to the soundcard
> line-in and record the data in an analogue manner.  This all sounded
> fine ... until I came actually to try to do it.
> I'm using an iBook G4 (last November vintage) running a 2.4.23-pre5

iBooks don't have a line-in, there's only a headphone jack 
and the built-in microphone which is not usable for this purpose.
AFAIK the only way to record with an iBook is to buy some sort of
USB soundcard that has a line-in.


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