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Re: Turning fan on in Pismo

> >Sure does - my Lombard gets quite unstable above 67 degrees (as
> >reported by /proc/cpuinfo; the TAU isn't calibrated so the actual
> >temperature might be a bit higher). The instability started after
> >adding a second RAM module; it's more severe with 2.6 and the 1000 Hz
> >scheduling timer there.
> >
> >
> Hi was not talking of the tau (garbage on ibook) unit, but of the
> adm1030 chip, which temp measurement is consistent with the hddtemp
> using SMART disk.

He was talking about the Pismo, and the fan being managed by the PMU. Is
there a separate temperature controller chip on the Pismo?

If not, all we have is the TAU (which isn't so bad on the G3).


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