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Re: Turning fan on in Pismo

> > by /proc/cpuinfo; the TAU isn't calibrated so the actual temperature might
> > be a bit higher). The instability started after adding a second RAM
> > module; it's more severe with 2.6 and the 1000 Hz scheduling timer there.
> I added a second RAM module about 2 years ago and have been running
> 2.6 for about 3 month. The current problems are about as old as the
> switch to 2.6. Replacing the RAM required to remove the head

Try changing HZ back to 100 and see if the instability goes away.

> pipe and to put it back on. Could it be that this has bad influence
> on heat dissipation?

I doubt it. I'll try to measure the temperature on the heat pipe
separately, though. If the temperatures differ by too much the thermal pad
between processor and heat pipe assembly might have been damaged.


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