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Kernel Config for TiBook G4 with ati9600


I am trying to get everything working on my PowerBook here.

I am not talking about the dri or suspend function - but everything

Compiling the latest benh kernel I got by:
rsync -avz --delete
source.mvista.com::linuxppc-2.5-benh /usr/src/benh-kernel

and running udev

I have several problems arising lately - alsa wont work anymore and
various oter little bugs are really disturbing. I also havent been able
to connect a beamer successfully.

Since I am not quite shure What else I could try - Is there anyone
around who can give me a config to work with? I tried the
"pmac_defconfig" and have done at least 20 compiles with no acceptable

plz help :(

Timo Reimerdes

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