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Re: Turning fan on in Pismo

According to Michael Schmitz, on Tue, 11 May 2004 14:45:53 +0200 (CEST),

>> > It is the same problem on ibook2.2. So I developped the chip
>driver. If> > the chip is the same, you may try my module and set the
>fan starting> > temperature to a saner value. By default, it starts at
>68°C on ibook...> If 68°C is the threshold, it would at least explain
>why it never runs> but it doesn't explain the casual segm faults under
>heavy load.
>Sure does - my Lombard gets quite unstable above 67 degrees (as
>reported by /proc/cpuinfo; the TAU isn't calibrated so the actual
>temperature might be a bit higher). The instability started after
>adding a second RAM module; it's more severe with 2.6 and the 1000 Hz
>scheduling timer there.
>	Michael
Hi was not talking of the tau (garbage on ibook) unit, but of the
adm1030 chip, which temp measurement is consistent with the hddtemp
using SMART disk.

ibook2.2 runs at about 50°C usually.


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