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Re: Current benh-kernel fails to boot (after clock) on iBook G4

> I have never heard about pmac_defconfig, sorry. I read several (5 ?)
> web pages about installing on ibook, and also the Debian powerpc-port
> pages, where it is not mentioned.

Yes, the kernel has default configs for several machines in

You can either cp that to .config and do make oldconfig, or, with 2.6
do make pmac_defconfig (or with 2.4, make pmac_config)

> I just read some posts on this list -- pmac_defconfig creates a default
> configuration for a machine, correct? Is there some good FAQ for this
> and other "specialities" of the PPC plattform? 

I don't think the defconfig is specific to ppc, though we do have a very
broad range of different machines to deal with, unlike x86.

> Btw. I found at least one kernel help text a little confusing. Are you
> the right person to send this to?

Yes. Patches welcome ;)


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