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Re: Sleep and alsa problems

On Wed, 05 May 2004 12:03:36 +0200, 
£ukasz Studziñski gracefully wrote:
>I used to use my G3/800 12 inch laptop with no problems, but for some
>time it has problems with sleep and alsa.
>Sleep problem is that after a reboot for the first time I can put a
>laptop to sleep with no problem just by closing the lid. But I can do
>it only once - next time it will not go for a sleep, no matter if I
>restart pbbuttonsd or not. So all I can do is just halt a computer,
>which is quite inconvenient because of long start-up time. I thought it
>may be pbbuttonsd problem, but the same happened with pmud, so I think
>it is somewhere else. BTW - I use sid with Gnome2.6 from experimental.

The first way to debug, is to try to sleep with rmmod'ing every unneeded
module (snd*, usb*...), and see the one which is against sleeping. 

Try also to go to sleep with X switched off (/etc/init.d gdm stop;
snooze in console)

>Another problem is alsa - it is very quiet - I was trying to restart
>alsa, but with no luck - it is still too quiet.

No problem here with same machine, kernel 2.6.5. I still do the usual
start-stop-start at boot time and if works nicely. I don't even know if
it is really needed.


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