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Re: pbbuttonsd script interface - future?

Am Freitag, 23. April 2004 00:02 schrieb Guido Guenther:

Hi Guido,

> Apm already has a suspend/resume system already, why not work on that
> one and improve it? We could later move things over form /etc/apm to
> /etc/power, that's only cosmetics.

Because the script system from apmd is narrowly adapted to APM and take no 
other power management systems into account. It is very hardware related 
because it interpretes the APM messages more or less directly and the daemon 
gives the scripts no more information than the APM message identifier itself.

All this makes it hard for other power management systems to easyly adapt the 
APM interface. The way arround is easier because you could design a modern 
interface fitting all needs. Translating the APM messages to the new 
interface is quite simple (If you new design is good enough ;-), that's why I 
started this discussion).

On the other hand what we talked about is a single script (apm_proxy) 
contained in the original apmd package and at least two single scripts 
created from apm_proxy by the debian maintainer. To call this a "script 
system" is I think very friendly.

And another point to the list: Neither the debian maintainer of apmd nor the 
programmer itself seems to be interested in an independent power management 
control script system. I wrote multiple times to each of them and never got  
an answer and you know best the reaction to your bug submissions. So I ask 
you: How to improve a program without support from the responsible people?

So my suggestion is to take the best off all system we could find and create a 
new script system that everybody could use. From my experience it is 
difficult to convice people by word only. It would be a lot easier you could 
provide an example that they could try and test. And if we established it on 
Linux-PPC, maybe one time the apmd guys would have a look at it, wouldn't 
they? And by the way nobody knows what the ACPI guys will do. Be 
optimistic :-)

  Best Regrads

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