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Re: pbbuttonsd script interface - future?

Am Dienstag, 20. April 2004 10:40 schrieb Michael Schmitz:

> > Debian packages put their scripts under /etc/apm at the moment. Not the
> > best choice, /etc/power would be better, a move over would need
> > coordination of the apmd and acpid maintainers I guess.
> Right. While we're waiting for hell to freeze over, I could add your hack
> to pwrctl - it looks quite robust, and should rather go in pwrctl to run
> maintainer supplied power scripts by default, and leave pwrctl-local for
> manual customization.

Beacuse I don't want to wait until the apmd and acid maintainers agree to
our suggestions, I prepared a sollution that could fit all needs. Maybe we
could establish this system (which is not very far from all other existing 
script systems) first for ppc and afterwards convince the whole comunity!?

Please have a look at the attached archive. basedir=/etc/power/
  "storage" contains all existing scripts like /etc/init.d
  "active" contains links to that scripts in storage that should be
           executed at certain events.

  "config" contains the global configurations for all scripts
  "pmcs-*" is the entry script for the PowerManagement Control Scripts.
           for each existing powermanager one wrapper. More compatibility
           is not possible ;-)

Currently two powermodes are supported: powersave and performance. More
are possible but we should limit the count (to 3 or 4, not more. pmud supports 
3) and give them a speaking name. After we fixed this value I would change 
pbbuttonsd's script interface accordingly.

The scripts are collected from pmud, apmd, kernel and other sources and
are _not_ very well tested I I would appreciate any patches. They are basement 
for our discussion and should not be used on production systems.

 Best Regards

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