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Re: pbbuttonsd script interface - future?

> > How must a interface to this scripts looks like to fullfill all needs?
> Please have a look at the apmd_proxy script in the apm package. I'm
> currently using something like this in my /etc/power/pwctl-local (most
> of this was borrowed from something Michel posted a while ago IIRC).
> e.g:
[ ... ]
> ... (something similar for wakeup. I'm still using pbbuttonsd+pmud since

> Debian packages put their scripts under /etc/apm at the moment. Not the
> best choice, /etc/power would be better, a move over would need
> coordination of the apmd and acpid maintainers I guess.

Right. While we're waiting for hell to freeze over, I could add your hack
to pwrctl - it looks quite robust, and should rather go in pwrctl to run
maintainer supplied power scripts by default, and leave pwrctl-local for
manual customization.

The only stuff I'm missing is the 'something similar for wakeup' :-)


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