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Re: swsusp/pmdisk status on ppc?

> ) and so just did echo -n disk > /sys/power/state (with X running). It
> worked, and came back again and restored everything fine, except for one
> or two things:
> - sound broke: clicking on wmmixer made everything (at least X, mouse
> movements) freeze for about 2 seconds each time. xmms said it couldn't
> open the device.
>   Well, if I only could find out what's keeping alsa active, I would
> try with modules removed. But I did lsof|grep /dev/snd and it didn't
> show anything.

alsa is perhaps broken WRT sleep or suspend support. I find that usually
it doesn't matter if modules are still loaded as long as they are
automatically reloaded on boot (if hardware init is required).

> - after starting /etc/init.d/usbmgr again, the button of the trackpad
> stopped working (moving the pointer with the trackpad still worked,
> and clicking and moving with the usb mouse did work, too).

As you already discovered, trackpad state isn't being preserved unless
it's set up early enough during boot (before restore of the suspend image

> (I'm also wondering if mol works, haven't tried yet. Well, there will
> probably be at least one issue: I currently have two swaps of 262136 k
> each, and it looks like I can only use one of them for pmdisk/swsusp,
> and mol is taking up almost 200M, so space will probably become too
> narrow. Will I really have to repartition?)

mol will work, and the key to avoiding swap collision is swap priorities
(as I've explained before). pmdisk uses the first swap partition, so you
need to make sure the second swap partition has the higher priority. The
remaining 62 MB should be enough. In a pinch, you can even swap to a
swapfile in one of your partitions (make sure the priority is higher than
that of the pmdisk partition). I've not actually tried this, might horibly
clash with disk suspend, use with caution.

Re: mol - which version do you have working with 2.6 kernels?


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