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pbbuttonsd script interface - future?

Today I would ask for opinions and ideas about the future of pbbuttonsd's 
script interface. To become more flexible and maybe share development and 
infrastructure with other powermanagement systems (like apmd) for sure the 
script environment and maybe the interface must be reformed.

I have a system in mind like debian tried with apmd: single scripts called 
from a wrapper similar to System V init scripts. With this system in a single 
directory tree (for example /etc/power/) every power management daemon could 
use the same scripts (don't invent the wheel twice) independent of 
architecture, machine or power management system.

How must a interface to this scripts looks like to fullfill all needs?

How can we configure these scripts at install but also at run time?

Are two modes (minimum power consumption, maximum performance) enough or
do we need an additional custom mode? Makes such a mode sense? Will it be used 
by the user?

What about central configuration of these scripts? Debian uses debconf to do 
this at install time. I wrote a GUI tool Powerprefs to configure pbbuttonsd. 
On one side I would like a central configuration tool but on the other side I 
think powerprefs would be overloaded with that.

If we imagine an extra tool for configuring these scripts, how would it look 
like to be able to configure future scripts I don't know anything about 
today? Would the user accept such a extra tool?

That are some of my thoughts about this problem. I would like to hear about 
yours. Anything is welcome. Maybe we could find a common way to future.

  Best Regrads
     Matthias Grimm

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