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Re: swsusp/pmdisk status on ppc?

Ok, I've "solved" the remaining issues:

- sound really keeps working if the sound modules are removed before
suspend. (It was wmmixer that held the sound stuff still open,
lsof|grep /dev/sound would have shown it.)

- the problem with the trackpad button is just that the default "tap"
behaviour is restored upon each resume - and since I always deactivate
trackpad tapping, I was not prepared to the fact that it's on now, and
thus randomly taps made it look to me like the button was locked.
-- well, I'd *love* to finally get a working pbbuttonsd that really
restores settings from disk upon start (Should I recompile the
'unstable' one (for woody)?).

- suspending with mol works (and so far there has been no problem with
swap space)

Some random notes for those interested:

- I've written an ugly perl script for making an easy suspend/resume
transition; dunno if something like this would already have
existed. Ask me if anyone's interested.

- these are the modules I still have loaded before writing 'disk'
to /sys/power/state: tun, mol, iptable_filter, ip_tables

- a suspend-and-resume cycle takes about 1 3/4 minutes (pb g3 lombard)

- once, unmounting and shutting down an external usb drive made
reiserfs oops (this is a rather known problem, happens frequently when
removing the drive w/o umount, but this time it happened after umount
afaict). This left reiserfs in the typical inconsistent state, and
prevented the suspension to work (well reboot didn't work either, ->

Thanks again & cheers

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