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Re: Fan control and CPU temperature etc

I'm afraid you arch in not yet supported. 
You may contact the cpufreq maintainer for more infos...

in linux-2.6.4/arch/ppc/platforms/pmac_cpufreq.c : 

/* Currently, we support the following machines:
 *  - Titanium PowerBook 1Ghz (PMU based, 667Mhz & 1Ghz)
 *  - Titanium PowerBook 800 (PMU based, 667Mhz & 800Mhz)
 *  - Titanium PowerBook 500 (PMU based, 300Mhz & 500Mhz)
 *  - iBook2 500 (PMU based, 400Mhz & 500Mhz)
 *  - iBook2 700 (CPU based, 400Mhz & 700Mhz, support low voltage)
 *  - Recent MacRISC3 machines

But I couldnot found any case statement for PowerBook3,3. First is 3.4 and 3.5.


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