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Re: Fan control and CPU temperature etc

Did you compile your kernel with the /proc/cpufreq enable. I know it's
obsolete in 2.6, but I could not make cpufreqd use the sysfs interface

Beware also that the version of cpufreqd in testing has a
missing fclose which makes it run for only 250 seconds. Upstream has
corrected it but it's not yet distributed. Below is the patch if you
want to recompile
--- ../cpufreqd-1.1.1/libsys_pmu.c      2004-01-04 22:29:29.000000000+0100
+++ libsys_pmu.c        2004-03-03 19:54:45.000000000 +0100
@@ -166,6 +166,7 @@
       bat_max_charge = atof (val);
+  fclose(fp);
   s->battery_percent = 100 * (bat_charge / bat_max_charge);
I not sure if you really need cpudynd. I don't know exactly what it is adding 
to cpufreqd. But cpufreqd is definitely needed. When cpufreqd is working 
you can see the influence of cpu scaling in /proc/cpuinfo.

On Fri, 19 Mar 2004 23:28:45 +0100, 
Klaus Agnoletti gracefully wrote:
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>I've followed the recent discussion on fan control on ibook to see if a
>solution would come up to my problem. It didn't, unfortunately.
>I have a powerbook 3.3, 550 mhz G4 tibook with Debian Sid and kernel 
>2.6.3-benh2 . I have no idea why, but it seems that, for no apparent 
>reason, my cpu gets dramatically hotter, a lot faster when running 
>Linux, compared to when I am running Mac OS X.
>I tried installing various programs to dynamically alter the CPU 
>frequency, but I couldn't get them to work (i tried among others cpudyn
>which claimed something was missing in the kernel, although I've tried 
>compiling scaling_governor as module, as well as statically built in 
>the kernel - for some reason the path 
>/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor doesn't exist 
>(and yes, /sys is mounted). Other programs claims kernelstuff is 
>missing - which it indeed apperars it does.
>So what can I do ? Should I downgrade to 2.4 ? What are other tibook 
>owners doing ?
>This is really bad. It annoys me so much that I've started using Mac OS
>X a lot more - which is bad:)
>Thanks in advance.
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