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Re: Fan control and CPU temperature etc

Hi Cedric (and the rest of the list),

> Did you compile your kernel with the /proc/cpufreq enable. I know it's
> obsolete in 2.6, but I could not make cpufreqd use the sysfs interface
> correctly. 

I tried that now. I dunno yet if it makes any difference. I can't see
any readings in /proc/cpufreq (I dunno if that gets automatically
updated, but I assume it does).
Right now I have everything related to cpufreq compiled statically in
the kernel ..

> Beware also that the version of cpufreqd in testing has a
> missing fclose which makes it run for only 250 seconds. Upstream has
> corrected it but it's not yet distributed. Below is the patch if you
> want to recompile
> --- ../cpufreqd-1.1.1/libsys_pmu.c      2004-01-04 22:29:29.000000000+0100
> +++ libsys_pmu.c        2004-03-03 19:54:45.000000000 +0100
> @@ -166,6 +166,7 @@
>        bat_max_charge = atof (val);
>      }
>    }
> +  fclose(fp);
>    s->battery_percent = 100 * (bat_charge / bat_max_charge);

Oh. I'll consider that then.

> I not sure if you really need cpudynd. I don't know exactly what it is adding 
> to cpufreqd. But cpufreqd is definitely needed. When cpufreqd is working 
> you can see the influence of cpu scaling in /proc/cpuinfo.
As I understand it, cpudyn is a substitute for cpufreqd - not as
advanced, but much easier to configure.

Am I right ? What utils work the best on mac ? Can you send me a
cpufreqd.conf for my powerbook ? I've had problems configuring it, and I
haven't been able to find my help online, not as to configuring cpufreqd
on a mac, at least, so if you could point me to any help on that, it
would be appreciated.

How does cpu frequency scaling work in Linux on mac ? Is it possible to
make it work as good as in mac os x ?

Thanks for your help.


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