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Re: Install DebianPowerPc in my Ibook

On (19/03/04 23:53), Viktor Rosenfeld wrote:
> Clive Menzies wrote:
> > Views differ on partitioning for debian but I typically do
> > something like:
> Uh, partitioning advice.  I better put my asbestos suit on.
> > swap 	1Gb
> > / 	150Mb
> > /usr 	2Gb
> > /var	500Mb
> > /tmp	500Mb
> > /home 	the rest Gbs
> I'd seriously advise against 2GB for /usr, especially if you want to use
> a lot of software under Debian.  Right now, I have 3GB for all except
> /home and I'm constantly running out of disk space and have to use
> `apt-get autoclean` and deinstall libraries to make room.  I'd put at
> least 3GB for /usr.
Fair comment ;)  I currently have 5Gb for /usr (because all my work
files are on a server) but I'm only using 1.4Gb.  But as Victor says, if
you want to try lots of packages, more is desirable.



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