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Install DebianPowerPc in my Ibook

Hey all,
I read a lot howto but without solution.

I buy a Ibook G4 (800Mhz, 256Ram, 30Gb hard disk)
I download a debian powerpc.

In which mode I can install debian os on my apple?

I have 2 partition: 1 free spece on 15Gb, and the remaining for apple. 

"In debian powerpc installation"

I copied in my apple hardisk this files:linux.bin, yaboot, yaboot.conf, 
root.bin (of my debian powerpc cd)
I modify yaboot.conf in

Restar and I press option+funct+O+F I see a bootstrap and:

boot hd:3,yaboot (3 is my freespace)
start yaboot and I write: install
debian os start WOW!!! I select a language, etc.
but debian don't found my hard disk

I see in dmesg: /dev/hda - dvd-cdrom
whereis my harddisk?

Why I have this problem?

If I use apple os in which mode I can create a swap/ext2/3 partition?

Thanks all :-)
Vetrina dell'usato	http://vendesi.da.ru
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