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Re: Install DebianPowerPc in my Ibook

On (19/03/04 12:59), Pol Hallen wrote:
> Hey all,
> I read a lot howto but without solution.
> I buy a Ibook G4 (800Mhz, 256Ram, 30Gb hard disk)
> I download a debian powerpc.
> In which mode I can install debian os on my apple?
> I have 2 partition: 1 free spece on 15Gb, and the remaining for apple. 
> "In debian powerpc installation"
> I copied in my apple hardisk this files:linux.bin, yaboot, yaboot.conf, 
> root.bin (of my debian powerpc cd)
> I modify yaboot.conf in
> image=linux.bin
> label=install
> initrd=root.bin
> initrd-size=8192
> append="video=ofonly"
> Restar and I press option+funct+O+F I see a bootstrap and:
> boot hd:3,yaboot (3 is my freespace)
> start yaboot and I write: install
> debian os start WOW!!! I select a language, etc.
> but debian don't found my hard disk
> I see in dmesg: /dev/hda - dvd-cdrom
> whereis my harddisk?
> Why I have this problem?
> If I use apple os in which mode I can create a swap/ext2/3 partition?
/dev/hda is your hard drive.  When you get to the install screen you
need to format the hard drive (or at least the spare space not utilised
by MacOS). DON'T try to format using MacOS - it won't be good ;)

Views differ on partitioning for debian but I typically do
something like:
swap 	1Gb
/ 	150Mb
/usr 	2Gb
/var	500Mb
/tmp	500Mb
/home 	the rest Gbs

You then work through the Install options stage by stage.  If in doubt



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